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Spacedrip is providing wastewater treatment and reuse for over a 1000 people

Completed projects

Wastewater treatment and reuse system in Auvetech


Auve Tech

Water circulation system for the off-grid office of Auve Tech, an autonomous automotive developer.

Spacedrip provides Auve Tech with sanitation and tap water by continuously purifying 95% of the used water with our system.

Auve Tech is a designer and manufacturer of self-driving vehicles and autonomous transportation systems. Their fairly tiny office is located in the middle of a concrete jungle with no available water source. 


Spacedrip's water circulation system is fully autonomous with no outside water source. It provides both the greywater for toilet flushing and clean, drinkable water in the tap.  The water circulation system provides the water supply for up to 5 people in the office. 




Wastewater treatment system for 200 people

An automated purification system treats local wastewater that is reused for irrigation.

Wastewater treatment and reuse system in Adila 1

Adila is a remote resort that organizes various events such as weddings, festivals, camps and other festivities. Water consumption varies greatly depending on the event schedule and this irregular wastewater input provides considerable difficulties for conventional wastewater systems.


Adila is also located in a nature reserve on top of karst caves and an underground river which means it is very vulnerable to any pollution. The resort required very efficient water treatment, low nutrient and pure wastewater outflow.

The resort has plenty of greenery and plants that need a lot of irrigation water during summer droughts. By treating wastewater into greywater suitable for reuse in irrigation we killed to birds with one stone - no pollution was emmitted into the delicate natural environment, and all the plants got the water they needed during the droughts.

Spacedrip's wastewater treatment provides enough irrigation water for Adila resort by producing reusable water out of wastewater.

Spacedrip Water circulation system, water reuse system, water treatment, wastewater treatment system at Loo



Water circulation system for 50 people in our Estonian office

We have our own water circulation system at Spacedrip's office that purifies wastewater into drinkable water.

The purified drinkable water is sent back to the tap and is used for making coffee, cooking, washing the dishes. Greywater is used for toilet flushing




Water circulation system for 15 people 

at Kodasema's office

Kodasema's office kitchen and bathroom are fully autonomous from outer water sources.

Water circulation system, water reuse system, water treatment system at Kodasema

Spacedrip has been providing 100% of the water for Kodasema's office for 3 years. The wastewater from toilets, taps, showers and dishwashers is reused for the same purposes.

The whole system  including all tanks and purification modules is fitted into a single 20 foot container.



Esna Manor

Spacedrip’s system provides wastewater treatment with reuse for up to 50 people.

Esna manor is located in Central Estonia, in the middle of a nature park, an environment that is extra sensitive towards pollution. It was built in 1623 and has a vast garden with a spring and a lake. Esna is a beautiful, peaceful place with a rich history. According to legend, the place was a sacred valley and place of worship in the past.

During the summer camps, weddings, concerts, performances, and other activities and events are held in the manor. Besides Esna manor, regular households are linked to Spacedrip’s wastewater treatment and reuse system.

Spacedrip’s system provides the whole manor and surrounding households with wastewater treatment and water reuse. Purified water is reused for irrigation in the manor park. The system is fully automated and managed with 5 sensors and Spacedrip's remote operation software.


Wastewater treatment for 4 people in Western Saaremaa

Screenshot 2022-11-22 at 17.46.27.png

Spacedrip’s system serves up to 4 people in off-grid ÖÖD accommodation housing where the wastewater treatment system produces reusable water for non-potable applications.

These off-grid houses are located in a nature reserve. This means that the groundwater is highly vulnerable and only water of the highest standard can be discharged into nature. Spacedrip provides these houses with a system that

wastewater treatment system in Esna



Wastewater treatment with heat recovery for 200 people

We just commissioned another SPACEDRIP wastewater reuse system that enables recovering up to 95% of heat energy from laundry, shower and bath water. 

The system reuses water for toilet, laundry and other technical purposes.

Depending on the water tariffs and quantities the system ROI time is between 5-20 years in buildings with more than 200 residents.

Heat recovey pilot
Wastewater treatment system Nairobi


Nairobi - Uhuru Park

Project deadline 2023

Spacedrip will be providing wastewater treatament for 500 people. Treated water will be used for irrigation in Uhuru Park.

Project is financed by the Republic of Estonia

wastewater treatment system spacedrip in Nairobi

Coming soon

Planned projects



Project deadline 2023

Spacedrip will provide 100 people in Vasknarva region with wastewater treatment and reuse for toilet flushing, irrigation and technical use.

Wastewater treatment and reuse system in Vasknarva



Project deadline 2023

Spacedrip will be providing wastewater treatament and technical reuse for 100 people 

Wastewater treatment and reuse system in Loopealse



Project deadline 2023

Spacedrip will provide Tuulna village with wastewater treatment and reuse for technical use and irrigation.

Screenshot 2023-01-17 at 11.09.44.png
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