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Water reuse wastewater purification main page

Reuse 95% of wastewater
while spending less and
saving the planet


Water treatment robots that turn
wastewater into clean water.

We offer water solutions for

Spacedrip offers 3 types of water treatment robots

Wastewater treatment systems 1

Treating and reusing wastewater for irrigation, toilet flushing, and
technical reuse

1000-190 000 liters per day

Up to 95% of greywater heat recovered

Water reuse for unpotable applications

5000 - 200 000 liters per day

Return on investment in 5-15 year

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Water circulation systems for off-grid locations 1

Fully autonomous water system

Continuous treatment and reuse

Drinkable water option

500-3000 litres per day

Spacedrip won 2nd place in the the Xtech U.S. Army competition

Spacedrip won 2. place in the U.S. Army’s Xtech International competition! Spacedrip received a grant of 50 000$ from the Department of Defense to further develop its wastewater reuse technologies to potentially increase the U.S. Army’s water management capabilities in off-grid locations.

Spacedrip continues discussions with defense sector stakeholders in the US and Europe to develop and deliver state-of-the-art water reuse solutions to strengthen the security of our regions in the following years. 

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Spacedrip is treating
wastewater in Nairobi.

SPACEDRIP's automated wastewater reuse system is now officially commissioned in Uhuru Park, Nairobi!


This system helps alleviate local water scarcity by treating up to 60 cubic meters of wastewater per day and reusing it to irrigate the park.


This pilot project aims to showcase the technology's effectiveness in combating water scarcity and sanitation issues both in Kenya and globally.

We were honoured to have Dr Paul Ronoh, the Principal Secretary of the Kenyan Ministry of Water, Sanitation and Irrigation, personally open and commission the pilot system. He talked about the importance of implementing innovative technological solutions in Kenya to solve water problems.

We would like to extend our sincere thanks to our valued partners - Ruji Africa, Nairobi City County, and Estonian Environmental Investment Center - for helping bring this project to life.


Challenges we are facing in the water industry right now

water supply and sanitation for remote off-grid locations 1

No secure water supply and sanitation for remote off-grid locations

Drinkable water reuse

Drinkable water reservoirs are exploited with toilet flushing and irrigation

Wastewater treatment system 1.1

It's difficult to reuse water in large treatment plants

With SPACEDRIP water robots you can reuse up to 95% of wastewater

We make two types
of pure water

Water reuse system 1.3

Non-potable water

Irrigation, flushing the toilet,  technical reuse

Potable water reuse sytem 1.3

Potable water

Washing, showering, laundry, dishwashing, cooking 

Wastewater treatment and reuse require constant regular on-site process monitoring and management.

Here's how we change that

Automated water treatmet sytem 1

Software based process optimation

Automated water reuse system 1.4
Automated water reuse system 1.5

Cut 70% on maintenance and energy consumption

Biological process monitoring

Live monitoring sensors guarantee you high-quality water at all times and a functioning

low-maintenance water system

Live process overview

Real-time monitoring with sensors and software helps to forecast maintenance  and prevent errors

Mac Studio.png

Some of our customers


Water circulation system for an off-grid office.

Spacedrip provides Auvetech with sanitation and tap water by continuously purifying 95% of the used water with our system.

Screenshot 2022-07-08 at 18.41.35.png

Water circulation system for Kodasema off-grid office.

Automated water circulation system for up to 15 people with drinkable water


Water purification system for a retreat centre

Automated purification system treats local wastewater that is reused for irrigation. The retreat centre is located near a natural resort.

Screenshot 2022-06-09 at 20.01.40.png
Screenshot 2022-06-09 at 22.01.48.png

Esna Mansion

Wastewater treatment with reuse for up to 50 people

Spacedrip’s system provides wastewater treatment with reuse. Purified water is reused for irrigation in the manor park.


Water circulation system at our Loo Office

Automated water circulation system for 50 people with drinkable water

Screenshot 2022-11-22 at 17.46.27.png

Wastewater treatment for 4 people in Western Saaremaa

Spacedrip’s system serves up to 4 people in off-grid accommodation housing where the wastewater treatment system produces reusable water for unpotable applications.

Some of ourcustomers

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