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Spacedrip is treating
wastewater in Nairobi.

SPACEDRIP is happy to announce that we have shipped out our first containerized wastewater treatment system.

The whole system has been fitted into a 20' (6m) shipping container which makes it incredibly compact, highly mobile and easy to install.

This containerized system is bound for Nairobi, Kenya and will treat 50 m3 of wastewater per day. The treated water will be reused for the irrigation of Uhuru park.


Project is financed by the Republic of Estonia



We just commissioned another wastewater reuse system with heat recovery

We just commissioned another SPACEDRIP wastewater reuse system that enables recovering up to 95% of heat energy from laundry, shower and bath water.

The system reuses water for toilet, laundry and other technical purposes.

Depending on the water tariffs and quantities the system ROI time is between 5-20 years in buildings with more than 200 residents.

Spacedrip won 2nd place in the the Xtech US Army competition

Spacedrip won 2. place in the U.S. Army’s Xtech International competition! Spacedrip received a grant of 50 000$ from the Department of Defense to further develop its wastewater reuse technologies to potentially increase the U.S. Army’s water management capabilities in off-grid locations.

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Spacedrip continues discussions with defense sector stakeholders in the US and Europe to develop and deliver state-of-the-art water reuse solutions to strengthen the security of our regions in the following years. 


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Estonian water treatment companies visited our Loo Office

Estonian municipal water companies visited our factory to learn more about wastewater treatment and reuse options that Spacedrip's technology offers. 

The water companies are eager to start providing wastewater reuse for off-grid villages, towns and industries in Estonia.

Despite the widespread belief that Estonia has sufficient reserves of fresh water, the country could face severe water stress by as soon as 2040. If we continue business as usual, Estonia will be 36th in the global water stress rankings in 25 years - an extreme 46 position rise compared to 2010.


SPACEDRIP received funding for developing wastewater reuse robots for defense applications. We are also participating in xTech Accelerator to improve our technology to the next level. 

SPACEDRIP is a finalist in U.S. Army’s xTech | International competition


Our mission is to increase water and sanitation security globally by developing automated plug-and-play wastewater treatment and reuse systems that provide water access everywhere & anytime.


Technology pitches are scheduled for July 2022. We will keep you posted!

Read more about the competition here

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Partners from Nairobi City County and National Environment Management Authority in Nairobi visited our Loo Office

It was a pleasure meeting with our partners from Nairobi City County and National Environment Management Authority in Nairobi

This year we aim to launch a wastewater reuse pilot project in Nairobi.

Of course, we offered them some of our water produced by our water reuse robot.

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